Sewer  Scope Camera Inspections

Sewer Scope Camera Inspections

Sewer Scope Inspections

A sewer scope (camera inspection) should be part of every home purchase.  Sewer camera inspections should be performed on prospective homes; if any of the following conditions are present.

  •  other homes in the area have had recent sewer work done
  • There are large trees or bushes in the general area of the sewer line
  • They want to know what condition the sewer line is in

Our Inspectors are Certified Sewer Scope Inspectors

Our Inspectors are trained and nationally certified by the International Association of Home Inspectors.  However, any sewer camera inspection should only be conducted by a Certified Sewer Camera Inspector for your protection.

Our inspectors receive hands-on instruction for sewer scope work at the InterNACHI headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

For instance, we have equipment that will view older cast iron pipes and clay and PVC/ABS.  As a result, we can view up to 200 feet in most cases.  Our inspectors can perform the sewer scope during the home inspection.  We will provide a written report with a video link to the actual sewer scope. 

The sewer line below has settled and broke at a joint.  This kind of break usually requires the line to be excavated and replaced.  Fortunately, this line was deep and not close to any trees.  Otherwise, it would surely have been clogged with roots also.  The sewer water is eroding the area under the pipe and may eventually collapse the yard or possibly the sidewalk or street.

a sewer scope often reveals broken sewer lines
This pipe will need to be dug up and replaced.

We encourage clients to be present during the inspection.  We prefer to explain our findings as we go.   The inspector will take a video and provide the client with a link for future reference. The video may help with negotiations for repairs.

Hawley Home Inspections does not do sewer repairs.  A licensed plumber should do any repair work.

Sewer scopes are also available for home sellers during a pre-sale inspection.

Hawley Inspections includes a 6-month warranty on the sewer and water line from the home to the city connection point.  If we do a sewer scope on the sewer line and observe no defects, we will extend the warranty to 12 months.

For more information on our Sewer Warranty 


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