Is your new home on well water?  Well water usually needs some form of treatment to make it safe for human consumption.  Many people make the mistake of thinking since they are in the country their well water is safe to drink.  Their are many contaminates that may be in your well water but the two most common are bacteria and nitrates.  

Bacterial contamination can be treated with a number of different systems delivering chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, and iodine.  Reverse osmosis and ultraviolet systems are also available.  Depending on the conditions in your area different filtering systems may also be required.  Water softeners are used to soften water and do not have any purification qualities.

Some of the impurities are:

The test is conducted by taking a sample of the well water from a faucet that is located before any filters or water softeners.  Filters and water softeners may harbor bacteria and would contaminate the test sample.  Two separate samples are taken, one for chlorine and the second for nitrates and bacteria.  

Test samples must be hand-delivered to our local laboratory the same day they are taken.  Well water tests can only be taken Monday thru Friday.  Results are usually available in three to five days.

Standard well water testing includes checking for Bacteria and Nitrates.  Additional testing for other contaminates is available on request. 

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