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Here at Hawley Home Inspections, we believe that the best way to protect you and your family is to avoid asbestos exposure as much as possible.

Asbestos And Why Is It Dangerous?

Asbestos is a group of six minerals composed of soft and flexible fibers. The main quality of these fibers is that they are heat, electricity, and corrosion-resistant; hence they are useful as an insulation material because of their toxicity and the harm they have on human health. It is not allowed to be more than 1% of a product. It has proven to cause cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis in humans.

In addition to being a good insulator, also used to strengthen some materials such as cement boards. Commonly used to insulate steam and hot water furnace piping. Unfortunately, if asbestos dust particles are present in a material and are inhaled or ingested in some way, they get trapped in the human body. Over a long period, these fibers can cause inflammation, scars, or even genetic damage. The disease mesothelioma is specifically caused by exposure to asbestos fiber.

Exposure to this toxin in any concentration is not safe. There is no known way to reverse its damage once it is trapped in the human body. Most of the detected patients are men in their late 60s exposed decades ago because the latency period of asbestos is very long. 

According to the US EPA, asbestos products may be encapsulated, left in place, removed, and properly disposed of. EPA should only do disposal and encapsulation-approved asbestos removal specialists.

The Air You Breathe Can’t Possibly Be As Clean As You Think It Is.

Asbestos can be found in:

Homes built before 1980 may have asbestos-containing products. Asbestos testing is invasive and requires removing a small sample of the material and sending it to a certified laboratory for analysis. If you suspect your home contains asbestos products call us for evaluation. Asbestos is a dangerous carcinogen and should only be handled by trained professionals.

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