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Hawley Inspections LLC provides the best sewer scope inspection for your property. Our technicians are nationally trained and equipped with the latest equipment, including a remote camera system.

One of the most cost-effective inspections you can have is a sewer scope inspection by a certified sewer technician. A sewer camera inspection of older sewer lines often indicates root intrusion, broken pipes, and slipped couplings. These repairs may be as inexpensive as a simple root cleaning or a complete sewer line replacement costing thousands of dollars.

Our sewer cameras are state of the art, and our technicians are nationally trained and certified. Sewer problems are often not noticed until the line is clogged or collapsed and can cause thousands of dollars of damage to basements.

Why Have A Sewer Scope Inspection

There are many reasons you should have a sewer scope inspection done during  your inspection period:

Quality, You Can Trust

Each sewer scope report will include a link to the video taken of the sewer line. We will try to schedule the sewer scope inspection during your home inspection to limit the number of visits to occupied homes.

Full Report On Every Aspect

Once you have received your report and viewed the video, you are prepared to discuss possible repair costs with a drain cleaning company or plumber as indicated. Should cleaning or repairs be indicated, we recommend having the repaired or replaced line re-inspected to ensure
the repairs were adequate. 

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