Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and here at Hawley Home Inspections, we appreciate all that you do! Being a parent is by far one of the most complicating yet rewarding things we can do in life.  It is the one thing that gives us the utmost confidence feeling of knowing we can do it.

“Starting up a business and trying to maintain a home life is hard. Most days we felt like we couldn’t do both. At least not up to the world’s standards. There were many days where we felt we should be doing more, on both ends. If we were putting too much time and energy into the business, we felt like bad parents. We weren’t giving enough to our kids. When we started putting more time into the kids; we felt as if we were failing as business owners and were going to fail, at both.” Matt and Maggy Hawley.

When they first started their journey, Matt was the only one running the business and doing all the inspections himself. He took on the whole thing from start to finish in a day, causing not a lot of time at home. Maggy was still working full-time and trying to pull off the full-time mom when at home. Needless to say, they were both exhausted at the end of the day and couldn’t seem to find a happy medium between work and home. Eventually, as the business grew, Matt decided he needed help if he wanted to continue to grow. He had Maggy come to work in the office answering the phones, making appointments, and take care of the accounting. They were able to run the business from their home, which helped them be more present with the kids and the business.  They finally started feeling like they could work between both obstacles.

Eventually, as the business grew, and they were able to understand how their normal days would work. They started to finally find a medium in between home and business. Even though they were still exhausted and learning how to manage both. They did it. They were able to do what had seemed impossible. That gave them hope and satisfaction. Parenting does not come with a manual and neither does running your own business.

Here at Hawley, we like to make a difference and give the most to you during this time in your life. We know it is a big deal and a stressful process of finding your new home and having all the inspections needed! We like to make the inspection process as easy and stress-free as we can. We will thoroughly give you a rundown of everything we have found during your home inspection. Giving you one less thing off your plate when trying to buy your home. We can give you the knowledge of your new home, meaning you have less to worry about and know everything upfront. We take pride in our company and customers, giving you the best experience, we possibly can.


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