Three Reasons Home Inspection Companies Remain A Critical Part of A Real Estate Purchase

Three Reasons Home Inspection Companies Remain A Critical Part of A Real Estate Purchase

If you’re a home buyer thinking about buying a house, you might wonder whether it’s still necessary to hire a home inspection business in this day and age. With the convenience of online resources like Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor, and others, finding a home for sale has never been simpler. Times are changing, and the entire real estate acquisition process is altering. For three reasons, home inspection businesses will still be essential to real estate transactions in 2022 and beyond. There’s no denying that the times are changing.

As technology advances drive the real estate sector toward solutions that benefit a more informed house buyer, every aspect of the home buying process is being optimized. This article discusses the top three reasons home inspection companies play a vital role in real estate purchases.

Reasons Home Inspection Companies Remain A Critical Part of A Real Estate Purchase

Increase in For-Sale-By-Owner and Low-Fee-Listing Properties

A homeowner would often contact a nearby real estate agent to assist them in listing their house for sale. The agent would research nearby comparable sales, assist the seller in setting a listing price, hire photographers to help showcase the home in the listing, and then advise the seller on how to set up the house best for showings.

With the development of internet listing systems, homeowners are discovering that listing their houses for sale is now quicker and more straightforward than before. Many homeowners are taking the risk of listing their property on their own without the assistance of a real estate professional.

Other homeowners could seek assistance from low-fee listing services that can list the house for a flat price or a lower commission rate. While there are benefits to these developments, a drawback is the potential loss of a real estate agent who might assist sellers prepare their homes for sale, completing disclosures correctly, and knowing what repairs might be necessary.

A home may not be as ready for sale as it may be due to these adjustments.

In situations like this, the house inspector’s representation of the buyer becomes more significant. When a seller doesn’t use a local real estate agent’s experience to help them prepare their house for sale, they might not solve issues before putting their home on the market.

Of course, homeowners love their homes, so they might not fully comprehend the necessity of making certain repairs or replacements before listing. A professional house inspector will be able to identify things that need to be repaired immediately, that need to be monitored over time, and that have been put off later.

Technology Advancements Available To Home Inspection Companies

While the real estate industry has advanced, the home inspection sector has also made strides forward that will ultimately benefit buyers and inspectors. Leading the way is the accessibility of tools and procedures that inspectors did not have in the past. Giving purchasers and their real estate agents improved service options aids in understanding the entire state of the house being purchased.

Home inspectors in St Louis can now carry an Infra Red camera in their tool bag because of the increased features and decreased cost of infrared scan instruments. IR scanning can detect leaks, electrical, moisture, and insulation problems that might not be immediately apparent to the naked eye.

Previously solely available to industrial hygienists and home inspectors, now provide specialized labs and mold testing services with quick response times—often the very next day.

Sewer scope inspections, which enable inspection of the interior of the main sewer line exiting the home to confirm the condition of this underground line, are becoming increasingly common among St Louis home inspectors’ service offerings.

Others are adding services that go above and beyond the fundamental house inspection standard of practice, such as water quality testing, pest inspections, asbestos testing, and other services.

Finally, as technology advancements have made their way into this specialized profession, the quality of the reports generated by home inspectors has substantially increased. High-resolution images of problem areas, a thorough description of problems with links of information, and the ability to share report concerns with agents and sellers to communicate issues identified during the inspection are now commonplace in reports that can be accessed via a website link.

The Rise in iBuyer-Owned Listings

The emergence of the iBuyer option for house sellers is the most recent trend in the current real estate market. Here, big national real estate firms like Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor, or smaller regional firms would buy your house outright rather than sell it. When a seller decides to deal with an iBuyer to buy their house, all of the pain points associated with selling a home can be eliminated. Nobody truly likes to sell their house. Nobody enjoys cleaning their homes, putting up several showings, correcting annoying problems they have neglected, the stress of haggling with a buyer, etc. The iBuyer shows up, ready to make a cash offer to buy your house and end all of this stress. Some house sellers find this choice appealing and choose to use it. Now that the residence belongs to the iBuyer company, it must be cleaned and made ready for sale.

iBuyers are just a new breed of home flippers. They want to fix up the property and sell it for as much money as possible with a minor investment. That is not to suggest that the services these businesses offer sellers and the market is not valuable. However, they could be content to ignore issues in a house to sell it without having to fix or replace any issues. Here comes the home inspection St Louis company, looking out for the buyer’s interests. Home inspectors are neutral and objective in reporting on issues found because they have no financial claim in the home transaction.

Having a professional home inspector on your team to provide a fair and unbiased home inspection can give you peace of mind. They can also have a firm grasp of the home’s condition if you have any concerns as a buyer looking at a home that has been through the iBuyer process. The interaction between buyers and sellers during the sale of a house will be impacted by significant developments currently taking place in the real estate sector. Although there are some growing pains, the adjustments are reasonable and valuable overall. As with many other industries, technological advancements eliminate or reduce some positions or procedures. Many developments we witness in real estate transactions emphasize how crucial a home inspection in St Louis is to the process.

Obtaining reliable information about a home’s state is essential for making decisions and performing due diligence. By all means, when looking for a property, utilize the latest resources at your disposal. However, it would help if you didn’t discount the significance of working with a trained, impartial home inspector to assist you in determining the condition of the house.


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