Why Should You Never Skip A Home Inspection?

Why Should You Never Skip A Home Inspection?

It may seem like an eternity before you can pack up, move in, and start enjoying living in your dream home. Your American dream of owning a home may come true depending on how much inventory there is in your market or how successful you are in the bidding battle against competitors. In your eagerness and anxiousness, you might be tempted to leave out some procedures to expedite the process, such as skipping a home inspection. Waiving a house inspection, however, is never a smart move. Here are some justifications for why you should never skip an inspection before signing the dotted line.

Reasons Why Home Inspection Shall Never Be Skipped

It Adds A Contingency To The Contract:

In most circumstances, the contract you sign to purchase a piece of real estate will include a home inspection contingency. In other words, you can walk away from the contract without incurring any fees IF the inspector finds significant issues that would cost a lot of money to fix or significantly reduce the property’s value (compared to what you believed you were buying). You receive your earnest money back if you put it down. And you can’t be made to purchase anything. You need those safeguards if you’re going “home hunting”! The home inspection contingency is a significant factor in the failure of about one in every seven contracts to purchase homes.

Insurance May Not Cover These Repairs:

An inspection aids a buyer in recognizing and evaluating the property’s flaws and provides their insurance company with information should they decide to acquire the property. Your insurance provider might refuse to pay for pre-existing problems detected after purchase if there is no report. You will probably have to pay for any repairs out of your own money because you omitted this critical step.

You Can Be Stuck With Costly Repairs:

When you for go a home inspection in St Louis, you are unaware of any significant issues with your new house. As a result, you can no longer bargain with the seller to get them to reduce the asking price or make any necessary repairs before the sale is closed. The house must be bought “as-is.”

That implies that if you experience significant problems in the near future, you will be responsible for the repair costs. Depending on the repairs and your spending plan, this may be very pricey. If you recently made a sizable down payment, you might not have enough money to cover the expense of repairs. You can then be stuck in debt or in an unsafe home.

An Inspection Can Uncover Issues Hidden Below The Surface:

A comprehensive assessment is essential because any house can appear in excellent condition with some painting, quick fixes, and staged open houses. There can be a lot of deal-breakers lurking beneath the surface.

A home inspection entails a complete evaluation of the house, including all its systems below the surface, and goes beyond simply looking for broken walls. You’ll know how your home is more than just its outside appearance.

You Will Be Able To Forecast Future Costs:

A home inspector in St Louis Mo can estimate the installation age of crucial equipment like water heaters and essential home systems like plumbing, heating, and cooling. They may assess the structure’s current state and let you know how long finishes have been a part of the house. Every aspect of the house has a “shelf life.” Knowing when they need to be replaced can assist you in making crucial financial decisions and will help you decide what kind of home insurance or warranties to look into.

An Inspection Will Offer Peace of Mind:

A thorough house inspection provides a picture of a home’s total value and condition, which can assist buyers with negotiations and expenditures. You can feel uneasy and uncertain without knowing the specifics of a home’s condition, which are emotions you should never feel when making such a necessary and expensive purchase. Whether a home inspection in St Louis Mo reveals numerous flaws and concerns or simply a few, you will have the choice to proceed or walk away knowing all the information you require about your new home.

Home Issues May Cause Health and Safety Hazards:

Any health and safety risks will be noted in the inspector’s report. Without it, you might not be aware of situations that could be hazardous to you and your family. You could be seriously in danger if there are problems with the plumbing, the foundation, or the old electrical wiring. An inspector will spot these issues and advise you on how to correct or replace the affected products and areas as necessary.

You Will Learn How To Protect Your Investment:

Make plans to accompany the inspector as they perform their work if possible. They will be a priceless resource for you, offering advice and information on effectively managing your house, its systems, and its equipment. You can save loads of dollars over the years by knowing how to properly take care of your house.

Home Inspections Are Very Cost-effective:

You can generally arrange to have your potential new house examined for a few hundred dollars. The inspector can find structural flaws, leaks from the roof, electrical issues or other safety concerns, severely broken foundations, and other issues.

You can save thousands of dollars by avoiding these unforeseen problems in many circumstances. Consider it highly affordable insurance against the danger of unintentionally purchasing the incorrect or perfect home at the incorrect price.

The Home Inspection Report Can Act As Leverage:

Home inspections can give the buyer “leverage” to negotiate a better price rather than just providing an “escape hatch” from a contract. That might entail a decrease in the asking price. Or, it could take the form of the seller agreeing to fix specific issues rather than charging the new homeowner for it afterward.

But remember that you can’t expect to bargain over every minor detail. Even newly constructed homes will eventually develop specific issues. You will have a decent chance of working out a fair agreement with the present homeowner on anything significant.

You are responsible for learning all you can about the place you might soon call home. Home inspections provide you insight into the structure of the house, enabling you to learn about all the advantages and disadvantages it has to offer.

You work hard for your money and deserve to invest in your best asset. That’s why Hawley Home Inspections is here to provide you peace of mind and help you make the most informed decision that will last a lifetime.

We’re home inspectors who offer a wide range of buyer-requested ancillary services, like surveying, testing, pre-listing inspections, and more. We’re reliable, qualified, and certified to offer unbiased advice on what to look for when purchasing a new home.

We pride ourselves on thoroughness–we’ll inspect the whole house, inside and out. We’ll check everything from the electrical system to the foundation to make sure you’re investing in quality that will last you a lifetime!


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