What To Do If Home Inspector Missed Something

What To Do If Home Inspector Missed Something

When you hire an inspector for a home inspection in St Louis, you expect them to be thorough and meticulous. You want them to check every inch of your home for potential problems. But mistakes happen, and sometimes they go unnoticed. So what do you do if the inspector misses something?


It is important to remember that inspectors are human and can make errors too. They are not perfect, and sometimes they miss things in their way. If the home inspector missed something, it is not the end of the world’s end. There are some tips and tricks on how to handle this situation.

A good home inspector can spot issues with your roof, plumbing, or electrical system that you may not have even noticed. However, they can also miss something that could lead to a costly mistake. This article guides what to do if an inspector overlooks something.

Common Mistakes Home Inspectors May Make

Mistakes happen when home inspectors do not follow the proper steps in their inspection. They may not be able to identify the issues they are looking for, or they might miss out on some critical details they should have paid more attention to.

The following are the most common mistakes that home inspectors make:

1) They don’t inspect all parts of the property- This is a common mistake as some people think that getting an inspection done is just about going through the exterior and interior of a property. It’s important to inspect every inch of a property, especially if you’re an inspector specializing in specific areas like structural defects.

2) They don’t take pictures- This can be quite hard as it requires you to stay focused and remember what you need to take pictures of during your inspection.

3) They don’t take notes- This is a great way to remember what the property looks like and an excellent record of your inspection.

4) They don’t report on every issue- If you’re just doing a basic walkthrough inspection, you might not mention everything wrong or require fixing. It’s essential to be honest with your inspection report, but if you notice a lot of things that don’t need fixing, you may not mention them.

5) They don’t answer questions- You’ll probably ask the inspector some questions about what they’re looking for and how to fix the issues. There’s no shame in asking for help! If they don’t answer your question or give you a helpful hint, that’s okay! Just take a step back and think about the issue and how to fix it.

Reasons Why Home Inspectors May Make Mistakes

There can be several reasons why an inspector may make an error or wrong judgment when inspecting a house. There may be several reasons for this, and the most common ones are listed below:

Inexperienced Or Lack Of Training:

Home inspectors are not just there to inspect the homes for safety and quality, but they also need to ensure that the home complies with building codes and zoning requirements.

Home inspectors are a unique profession requiring a lot of knowledge of construction and building codes. They must be familiar with different types of construction materials, code requirements, and even local zoning ordinances.

The most common reason for making mistakes by home inspectors is a lack of training or experience in their field. Some people might think it is easy when you inspect an old house because you have seen so many before, but the truth is that every new project can be a challenge.

Distracted Or Unprepared:

Although this is hardly the case, a Home inspector may be distracted when on the job and skip a step or think about what they’re doing or need to do next. This happens more often when they have to inspect multiple properties in a day or when their schedule is too busy. They also may not be familiar with the area where the property is located, which makes it difficult for them to tell if something is wrong with the house. They may not have a proper checklist on what to do when inspecting a home and end up doing something else during their work, leading them to make mistakes.

Not Having Access To Rooms:

 During their work, home inspectors often need to access all the rooms and areas in a house; not having access to these can cause issues.

Mistakes are not common in the home inspections in St Louis, but if one is made, the most common reason is that the inspector is unable to see what they need to, or their view is blocked by something. A garage full of lawn equipment or seller’s furniture is a good example.

Sometimes, inspectors make mistakes because they do not know how to identify specific problems without access to them or cannot see them enough. Having all the doors unlocked before an inspection is always a good idea. This not only helps the inspector but also saves your time and money too.

Step To Take If You Believe Your Home Inspector Missed Something

 If you believe your St Louis home inspector missed something significant, such as a water leak, mold, or even termites, speak with your Realtor. They can typically guide the next steps or what to do.

The inspection report is a written document and does not guarantee that the home inspector will identify all the problems in your home. If you notice issues not mentioned in the inspection report after submission, speak with your Realtor.

Reviewing the inspection report is only one step of many when ensuring you get a quality home purchase. You can also request access to the home inspection company to reinspect. This will allow you to see the items you think were missed by your inspector and make sure that they are reinspected. It is important to note that this is not a guarantee of getting your money back. The inspector may still have their opinions about whether or not there was an issue with the home.



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