Inspection Report:#1 Way to Protect Yourself When Buying – January 2021

Inspection Report:#1 Way to Protect Yourself When Buying – January 2021

Your Inspection Report

Your Inspection report from Hawley Home Inspections LLC will be both easy to read and give in-depth information about your new home. The inspection report will have three sections. The first section will be general information about the property. The Summary page(s) is the second section. And this is a summary of items your inspectors thought was essential and will need your attention. The third section is a room-by-room system by system detailed breakdown of the home’s condition during the inspection.

When you receive the inspection report, if you have any questions, please call our office at 314-247-0040 or 618-593-9631.  Our office staff can answer most questions.  However, if they cannot help you, one of our field supervisors will contact you.

Is there a Home Inspector Near Me

Yes, we cover St Louis, St Louis County, St Charles, St Charles County, South Central Illinois, and the Metro East.

Report Cover Page

The cover page includes the:
  • Picture of the property
  • Clients name(s)
  • Address of the property
  • Date of the inspection
  • Name and license number of the inspector(s)
  • Our entity license number
  • Expiration dates for these licenses
  • Inspectors signature
  • Report Overview (conditions present at the time of the inspection)

Inspection Report Summary Page

The Summary Page has eight divisions to the inspection report:

  • Major Concerns
  • Safety Issues 
  • Items Not Working
  • Items Not Inspected Due to the Following:
  • Improvement/maintenance Items
  • Items to Monitor 
  • Deferred Cost Items (items that may reach the end of their average life in the next five years)
  • Just for Your Information

Main Body

 The report body will include a detailed checklist of items inspected in each room with separate sections for basements, garages, roofs, etc. The first and third sections are self-explanatory; therefore, we will focus on the summary page(s).

Major Concerns

” Major Concerns” is where you will find defects that are important and may require attention.
Inspection reports include major isues

 Safety Issues 

“Safety Issues” will list safety issues the inspector found that present a possible danger to the home’s inhabitants. The most common safety issues are missing or inoperative GFCI’s problems with decks and basement stairs.  Safety issues will appear in blue ink in the summary and the general portion of the inspection report.  Safety issues should be addressed as soon as possible and only by qualified professionals.

Safety issues will be in blue in the summary and the main body
Items not Operating

“Items not operating” will list any item tested that was not operating at the time of the inspection. The reason may be individual appliances or systems; in this case, the water was turned off during the inspection and later turned on, requiring a second trip.  An additional charge will be applied if the inspector has to return at a later date.

This section lists major items that were not operating

 Items Not Inspected Due to the Following

“Items Not Inspected Due to the Following” are usually weather-related.  We don’t test air conditioners and outside faucets from November 1 to March 31.  Sometimes we can not review an item or system because we cannot reach it or access it because of furniture or personal belongings.  Examples would be receptacles behind couches and dressers or attic access panels blocked by clothing.
These items were not inspected

 Improvement/Maintenance Items

“Improvement/Maintenance Items” are usually defects that should be repaired or replaced by do not need immediate attention.  Often these will be maintenance items that will re-occur regularly.  The deficiencies noted may also have been accepted practice when the home was built. But changes to National Standards suggest they should be upgraded or changed.

Theses items will require improvement or may be normal maintenance items

 Items to Monitor

 “Items to Monitor ” are often borderline defects that may become a problem over time. The items to monitor section will list areas of concern that may produce problems in the future.

These items should be monitored for changes
Deferred Cost Items (items that may reach the end of their average life in the next five years)

“Deferred Cost Items” are based on the average estimated usable life based on national averages and should be used as a guide only.  The life span of any appliance depends on its quality, age, and maintenance record.  We only list the furnace, water heater, air conditioner, and sump/ejector pumps in the inspection report.  There is a section in the back of your “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection Home Maintenance Manual” book with the average age of most appliances found in the home.

Just for Your Information


 “Just for Your Information” is where we put general information that does not fit into the other categories.  For instance, we might note the GFCI in the garage controls the outside receptacles.
 Code Inspections
Our home inspection is not a “Code Inspection,” and we do not do code inspections. We serve sixteen counties and over three hundred and fifty cities and towns in Illinois and Missouri. The national codes are updated every three years, but each local municipality rarely adopts the latest code cycle. So there is no way to keep track of what code cycle anyone city or town is using.  Because of this, we conduct our inspections based on National Standards.  Our Approach is simple “if it can hurt you in a home built in 2021, it will hurt you in a home built in 1821”.    
For more information on our warranties
Check us out at the Better Business Bureau


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Happy Mother’s Day

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