Inspection Report:#1 Way to Protect Yourself When Buying – January 2021

Inspection Report:#1 Way to Protect Yourself When Buying – January 2021

Your Inspection Report

Your Inspection report from Hawley Home Inspections LLC will be easy to read and give in-depth information about your new home. The inspection report will have three sections. The first section will be general information about the property. The Summary page(s) is the second section. And this is a summary of items your inspector thought were essential and will need your attention. The third section is a system-by-system description of the home’s condition during the inspection.

When you receive the inspection report, if you have any questions, please call our office at 314-247-0040 or 618-593-9631. Our office staff can answer most questions. However, if they cannot help you, one of our field supervisors will contact you.

Is there a Home Inspector Near Me

Yes, we cover St Louis, St Louis County, St Charles, St Charles County, South Central Illinois, and the Metro East.

Report Cover Page

The cover page includes the following:
  • The cover page consists of the:

    • Picture of the property
    • Who attended
    • Address of the property
    • Date of the inspection
    • Name and license number of the inspector(s)
    • Our entity license number
    • Expiration dates for these licenses
    • Inspector’s signature
    • Report Overview (conditions present at the time of the inspection)
    • Breakdown of: Maintenance, Recommendations, and Safety Hazards

    Inspection Report Summary Page

    Inspection sections will be listed individually. Each defect will refer to a numbered reference in the main report to make it easier to complete a repair addendum. Each defect is color-coded for convenience.

    • Blue for Maintenance Items
    • Orange for Recommendations
    • Red for Safety issues

    Minor cracks will be noted in the report


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