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Garage Door Maintenance

How to maintain your garage door.

To operate properly the door must be firmly attached to the garage structure and all panels and moving parts must move freely.  Here is a short video on how to check the operation of your door and operator.

garage door maintenance saves money
garage door maintenance saves money









How to test your door

With the door in the closed position.  Pull the emergency release, with the door disconnected from the opener.  You should be able to raise it with minimal effort.  Open the door halfway and stop.  The door should stay in this neutral position without going up or down.

If it does not stay up mid-way in the open position, the spring tension may not be properly adjusted.  Adjusting the spring tension is a job for a service technician.  Garage door springs are dangerous and should only be adjusted by trained personnel.

Garage door Maintenance Includes Lubrication

Garage doors and openers need to be lubricated on a regular basis.  There are many lubricants ranging from pastes to sprays that are available.   Go to your local hardware store or lumber yard and ask for assistance if you are not sure which is best for your door and opener.

If you are not a do-it-yourselfer type or just don’t feel comfortable with working on your garage door or opener.  Several commercial services will do it for you.

Here is a link to the Door and Access System Manufacturers Association’s (DASMA) website for generic operating and maintenance information.  If you know the manufacturer of your door and opener it is best to refer to them for guidance.

We do not encourage the resistance method of checking the tension reversing switch.  This involves catching the door at waist level as it closes.   This may cause extensive and expensive damage to the door if it is not properly installed.

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garage door maintenance saves money

Radon causes cancer

Are you sure you are a nonsmoker?

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ten questions to ask your home inspector

Ten Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

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