All You Need To Know About Radon Testing

All You Need To Know About Radon Testing

Radon gas is a colorless and tasteless inert gaseous offspring of uranium produced from its radioactive decay. It slowly dissipates in the home’s air and becomes a health threat. It seeps into mines and homes through the ground below and causes lung cancer. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 21,000 deaths in the United States are due to Radon each year. It is the second biggest cause of lung cancer in people after smoking which is at number one.

Radon gas has a radioactive quality that can damage lung tissue and lead to lung cancer; unfortunately, one out of seven homes in Pocahontas has high radon levels. If there is too much radon in your home, you need radon mitigation to make your home safe. But how does one know if their home is one out of the seven with radon in it because this deadly gas cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted?  The only way is to get a Radon testing  company to send a professional and check your home’s indoor radon levels. 

Amateurs should not try to tackle this lethal gas themselves because they don’t have enough knowledge about it, and they might worsen the problem rather than fix it.

Is Radon A Problem In Your Home?

Homes in Missouri and Illinois may have high amounts of radon gas. If you consider buying homes in Missouri or Illinois, please get a radon test. These radon levels range an average of 4 pCi/L, whereas the accepted range is 1.3 pCi/L. The lower number of readings is because many homes are still not tested. 

This state’s public health experts advise people to test the radon in their homes if they have never done so. The cases in Illinois seem to be related as they happen near granite or other types of granitic rock, which carry naturally higher amounts of radon soil gas pollution.

It is worth noting that radon tests cost less than $150-$200, but most insurance companies do not cover this cost because it falls under preventive care and not a treatment for an illness or injury.

Who To Call For Radon Testing?

Many people have insufficient knowledge of radon gas and its effects on the environment and health. As a result, many radon testing services in Pocahontas have started to provide radon testing for residential and commercial purposes. Radon inspectors are certified professionals who conduct this type of testing to examine air levels inside a building. If an excessive level of radon gas is present, the inspector informs the inhabitants and offers radon mitigation services.

A Radon Inspector with professional experience, skill, and knowledge is required to properly assess whether or not radon gas remediation will be necessary for a structure in Pocahontas. Unfortunately, not every home inspection company offers certified Radon inspectors, so it is vital to ask about their services first. 

There are many radon testing services . However, since radon gas testing falls under the category of advanced inspections, you will need a radon inspection certified inspector to test your Illinois home for radon.

Are Our Radon Tests Accurate?

Studies have found that more homes are affected by radon coming into them than people might presume, highlighting how inaccurate current tests can be.

Different types of tests vary significantly in inaccuracy.  Radon testing services are useful in detecting high levels of radon and assist in minimizing the level of exposure to this harmful agent by detecting and fixing leaks. Therefore, radon tests accuracy is essential for safety purposes.

Currently, there are two primary types of radon detectors on the market – alpha-track detectors, which are used primarily for long-term survey work, and beta-track detectors, which check continuously for variations in the gas’ ionization levels.

Each tool has its pros and cons, so it depends on what situation you find yourself in and which one you’ll need.

Are Radon Home Testing Devices Accurate?

The Occurrence of this gas can vary across geographical regions. Radon Home test devices are commonly used radon detection methods for monitoring radon in homes and workplaces, but how accurate these devices are is another question. How one can prevent inaccurate measurements from Radon home testing devices depends on various factors.  

Radon home testing devices’ accuracy is relative to a number of factors such as locations, weather, and quality of the measuring device, which give rise to incorrect readings. Therefore, Radon Home test devices may show lower and inaccurate results, but this doesn’t imply that there will be erroneous test results for users in every geographical location.

There have been several reports by homeowners indicating that the tool used for testing their home gave misleading, inconsistent, incorrect, and in some cases, just downright wrong test results.

The inaccuracy is attributed to manufacturers having low-quality standards and cheap counterfeit radon home testing devices available online. Inaccurate results can also be due to the enclosed instructions not being followed right.

Although unintended false positives might happen, one can mitigate this accident by simply going for a professional Radon testing company in Pocahontas.

Professional Radon Testing 

Radon presents a risk for the health of those occupying a home with radon present in it. Professional Radon Testing inspectors are authorized and insured specialists in the radon testing or mitigation industry who do radon levels inspections and determine mitigation requirements, such as Fan-assisted Soil Ventilation (FASV) systems or sealed and insulated crawl space foundations, and measure levels of radon gas at homes.

Professional Radon Testing inspectors are essential to identify radon gas in homes where alarming radon gas is present. The inspection process mostly follows these steps: checking for gas accumulations at home entryways and target zones, hassles-free testing to get accurate readings correctly, sealing targeted zones with tape, etc. 

Every home inspection service may differ slightly in testing homes for radon. Choosing a professional and experienced company is essential. Have your home inspected by a professional radon inspection service and put your mind at ease.


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