Veterans Discount

Veterans Discount

In Honor of Those Who Have Served Our Country

In honor of our Veteran Clients Hawley Home Inspections LLC will give veteran’s and first responders a discount to $25.  All veterans qualify regardless of length of service.   This is our way of saying   Thank You  to those who have served our country.   Hawley Home Inspections LLC is a family owned veteran operated business serving  Southern Illinois,  St Louis and surrounding counties.

Our Goals

Our goal is simple, we want to provide accurate, informative, Home Inspection services to our customers.  Hawley Home Inspection LLC Inspectors are nationally certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors  (InterNACHI).   In addition each inspector has passed the National Home Inspectors Exam and is licensed by the State of Illinois.

Radon Testing

We offer Radon testing  by State of Illinois licensed Radon Professionals and Radon Technicians.  We will set up the Radon test before the inspection when possible.  Because the minimum test time is 48 hours this allows us to provide preliminary test results at the time of the inspection, in addition. .

Sewer scopes

We also offer Sewer Scope (camera) inspections of sewer line pipes.  Our Sewer Scope inspectors are nationally certified and experienced.  Using modern camera technology allows us to provide a video  and  written report of the sewer pipe condition.  Many companies simply offer a verbal report with out any back up material.

Mold and Mildew

As an additional service we offer, Mold and Mildew testing is available with or with out a home inspection.  Air born testing or actual suspect sample swaps are taken and sent to a nationally recognized laboratory for professional testing and reporting.

Asbestos And Vermiculite

Further lab testing is available for, Asbestos and Vermiculite  with samples  sent to our nationally recognized laboratory for expert evaluation and reporting.

Time Restrictions

We understand the time restrictions placed on deals by real estate contracts. In conclusion, we strive to complete all inspections with in three days or less when possible.  Inspection reports are usually available for next day delivery. We can be reached at 618-593-9631 or 314-257-0040

check us out at : the Better Business Bureau The State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation InterNACHI    

Serving Bond, Clinton, Effingham, Fayette, Jefferson, Jersey, Macoupin, Madison. Marion, Monroe, Montgomery, Shelby, St Clair counties in Illinois and St Louis and St Louis and St Charles counties in Missouri

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