Radon Testing

Why Test for Radon

Radon testing and mitigation may say your life by decreasing your chances of developing lung cancer

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer exceeded only by smoking.  Like smoking Radon is a long term threat with variables such as the radon level present and the length of time you were exposed.

According to the United States Environmental Agency 21,000 people die of lung cancer from Radon gas exposure each year.  That number does not include those who go through the pain and suffering of lung cancer and do not die.This is more than die from choking, drowning, firearm homicides, carbon monoxide and second hand smoke combined (20,758).

Radon gas is an odorless colorless and tasteless by product of uranium and radon.  It is found in all 50 states and Canada in varying concentrations.  Concentrations can even vary from one end of a sub division to another.  The composition of the soil at the surface determines the local distribution of the gas.  Hard compacted clay type soils resist the passing of the gas more than sandy soils or gravel beds.

Other variables include soil moisture content and the absence or presence of strong winds.  Building construction will also influence the radon levels in a structure.

Testing is Inexpensive

The good news is a simple two day test can determine the Radon levels in your home.  We do the testing with very little if any disruption of your daily life.

We definitely recommend the use of a licensed Radon measurement technician over the use of hardware store test kits.  Locally purchased test kits often end up costing more than a professional would charge.  If the test is for a real estate transaction there is no guarantee the buyer or seller will accept the results as valid.

The result is the test must be repeated using an independent  testing company at additional and unnecessary money and delay.

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for more information on Radon Gas and  testing watch this short video

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