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Inspection Services in the St Louis, Metro East, Southern IL and surrounding areas!

Hawley Home Inspections offers a wide range of inspection services though out the St Louis, Metro East and Southern Illinois area.

 Inspection services
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Home Inspection Services

Our Home Inspectors are licensed and insured and have years of experience in the remodeling field.

Your Inspection will include a comprehensive visual inspection of :

Exterior                                                                            Interior

Roof, Chimney, Flashing, valleys  .                              Structure, Plumbing Systems

 Windows and storms                                                    Electrical Systems, HVAC Sytems

Gutters & Down Spouts                                                 Walls, Floors &Ceilings

Driveways and Side Walks                                            Windows & Attics

Decks, Porches & Landscaping                                     Basements & Crawl Spaces

Base pricing

Please provide your city and zip code when inquiring about priceing

Not all services are available in all areas and pricing may vary in some areas we serve due to availability of services

Single family homes

Up to 999 sq ft                    A             $250.00

1000 to 1499 sq ft             B             $275.00

1599 to 1999 sq ft             C             $300.00

2000 to 2499 sq ft             D             $325.00

2500 to 2999 sq ft             E              $350.00

3000 to 3999 sq ft             F              $375.00

4000 TO 4999 sq ft           G             $425.00

5000 to 5999 sq ft             H            $475.00

6000 and above                   I              $525.00

Multiple units

Duplex                 Multi A                 $450.00

Triplex                  Multi B                  $500.00

Fourplex             Multi C                  $550.00

5 Units or more  per unit               $125.00

Termite Inspection

More appropriately called a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection. our termite inspection company will check for  termites,  carpenter ant infestations and wood bees.    Results will be available at the end of the inspection.  This is included with the home inspection.

Other Available Inspections Services:

Radon Gas Testing

Radon Gas is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer after smoking.  A Radon Test will last a minimum of forty eight hours and is conducted at room temperature in the lowest livable level of the home. Preliminary test results are normally available at the end of the test.  Radon tests with a home inspection are $125, testing without a home inspection is $150.

Mold Testing

Mold and Mildew problems are sometimes hard to identify because the source is often in isolated areas such as walls attics and crawl spaces.  Our mold test compares the mold count inside the building to the mold count outside the building. Testing both allows us to record an accurate comparison.  Mold testing for homes includes one outdoor and two indoor air tests for $175. Additional air or swab tests are available by request for an additional $50 each.

Septic Tank Inspections

Septic Tank Inspections are an auxiliary charge provided by an outside vendor.  We will schedule the Septic Inspection to coincide with the home inspection.  Verbal results will be available after the inspection with written report to follow.  Normal charges for this service are $175 to $225

Sewer Scope Inspections

We recommend a sewer pipe inspection in older homes when there is no evidence of an upgrade to modern PVC or ABS sewer lines.  Additional indicators are large mature Soft Maple trees in the vicinity of the sewer lines.  The older clay tile, Orange-burg or Cast Iron sewer pipes are subject to failure and blockage by tree roots.  Sewer Scope charges are $175 to $225 with an accessible clean out or $270 if a toilet must be removed for access.

Prices current as 4-2-2017 subject to change without prior notice

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