Your homes first impression is important

how to sell your home

How to Sell Your Home

How to sell your home brings lots of advice, most of it is wrong or useless.  Unless you move every year or so you probably are not prepared for what is coming your way when you decide to sell your home.

Sell your home faster with a goof first impression
First impression sells more houses than any other factor


Before You List your Home

  1. Do your home work before you list your home.  There are many online real estate listing services that will give you an idea of what other houses in your neighborhood are selling for.  Most sellers believe their home is worth much more than it really is.  Use these sites to help set your price
  2. Find a good real estate agent.  A professional real estate agent is worth way more than the fee they charge for their service.  It is important that you and your agent are compatible.  Make sure you both understand what your goals and intentions are and what they will be able to do for you.
  3. You set the price of your home, but a smart seller will listen to and follow the advice of their agent. Your agent will help you set a price that is consistent with  your local market.
  4. Consider having a pre-sale home inspection conducted.  Many times a home inspector will discover problems you were not aware of or more than likely have just learned to live with.  You only get one chance to give a good first impression.  Resolve as many distractions as possible before you invite potential buyers into your home.
  5. Take a serious look at your house from the curb and ask yourself, “would I buy this house”.  Paint goes along way to improving your chances of making that good first impression. (if your buyer is doing any kind of government loan you will have to repair any peeling paint).  Keep your yard free of clutter, mowed, and the shrubs neatly trimmed.
  6.  Rent a storage unit and empty your garage and closets of all of that clutter that is to good to throw away but not good enough to keep.  Clutter detracts from the appeal of your home.
  7. No one is really interested in your kids pictures on the walls and covering the refrigerator.  Remove anything that is not generic and could not be left behind if requested.
  8. A fresh coat of paint will make the inside of your home more appealing which equates to faster sales at higher prices.   Make sure to choose neutral colors such as off white, your daughters pink bedroom may not go well with a family of all boys.
  9. I know it is a pain, but you will be well advised to keep your home in as perfect a condition as possible.  Even the sloppiest of house keepers will be turned off by a house that does not appear to be neat and clean.
  10. Be Careful not to become emotionally connected to your home.  This is a business deal, your buyer could care less that you raised your children in this house.  They are only concerned with what they will do with it.

Selling your home will go a lot smoother if you follow these suggestions.

Good Luck

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